Organic cheese

Organic cheese is produced in a natural and environmentally friendly way using organic milk. The milk comes from cows that graze outside as much as possible, in fields that have not been treated with pesticides or artificial fertilisers. So only what nature has to offer, without preservatives, flavouring or colouring. Our factory is certified by Skal, the inspection and certification body for organic production in the Netherlands. This means it meets the standard for the slicing and packaging of organic cheese.

Fat content

BIO Gouda
Fat in dry matter : min. 48%
Fat absolut : ca. 30%

BIO Edam
Fat in dry matter : min. 40%
Fat absolut : ca. 24%

BIO Emmental
Fat in dry matter: min. 45%
Fat absolut: ca. 28%

In the Netherlands, labelling usually indicates the fat content in the dry matter: this remains the same as the cheese ages, while the absolute fat content increases because riper cheese contains less moisture.

Product range of Vepo Cheese
Our range comprises film-ripened BIO cheese in blocks. We supply BIO cheese in catering blocks, sliced, grated, diced, as salad cheese and in cheese portions.

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