Vegetarian cheese

Most of our cheese is made using rennet from the stomach of a slaughtered calf. For vegetarian cheese, however, microbial rennet is used, made from plant extracts. Cheeses are usually labelled using the terms ‘vegetarian rennet’, ‘vegetable rennet’ or ‘microbial rennet’. Vegetarian varieties are available for many types of cheese; Vepo Cheese supplies vegetarian Gouda and Edam.

Fat content

Vegetarian Gouda
Fat in dry matter : min. 48%
Fat absolut : ca. 30%

Vegetarian Edam
Fat in dry matter : min. 40%
Fat absolut : ca. 24%

In the Netherlands, labelling usually indicates the fat content in the dry matter: this remains the same as the cheese ages, while the absolute fat content increases because riper cheese contains less moisture.

Product range of Vepo Cheese
Our range comprises film-ripened Vegetarian cheese in blocks. We supply Vegetarian cheese in catering blocks, sliced, grated, diced, as salad cheese and in cheese portions.

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