September 24, 2019

Making our company more sustainable

Last year, we commissioned nearly 2,000 solar panels for the roof of our production site in Bodegraven. It is the next step in making our company even more sustainable. The panels cover more than 20% of our total energy consumption. This means a reduction in CO2 of 295,000 kg.

The commissioning of solar panels is in line with the sustainability strategy that Vepo Cheese is currently implementing. For example, we had already replaced all our lighting by Led lamps. New investment plans are already being prepared: in August we started a new project at our distribution centre on Henri Dunantweg in Bodegraven. We installed 698 solar panels with a capacity of 241,560 kWp on the roof. It is expected that the solar panels will cover more than 24% of our total energy consumption.

Our production site in Oudewater is expected to follow later this year with 454 solar panels, which are expected to cover 14.5% of our total consumption.

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