Coloured Cheddar<br/> 1 and 2 slices Coloured Cheddar<br/> 1 and 2 slices

Coloured Cheddar
1 and 2 slices

Coloured Cheddar<br/> 1 and 2 slices

Cheddar was originally first produced in the village Cheddar in South-West England. We only work with high quality British and Irish Cheddar. Its unique production process gives Cheddar a smooth, quite hard and a slightly crumbly structure. We offer white and coloured Cheddar of different maturing ages. The taste of Mild Cheddar is mild and fresh with a touch of salt. The taste intensifies as the cheese matures.

The single portion packaging is suitable for use in out-of-home catering such as company canteens and healthcare institutions.

Content packaging

14g - 30g

Slice dimensions

10 x 10 cm

Fat content

F.i.d.m.: min. 50%
Fat absolut: ca. 34,5%


Pasteurized MILK, salt, starter, microbial rennet, colour (E160b)


Milk, lactose

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