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100 years
Vepo Cheese

Our 100th year anniversary went a little different than we had imagined. Given the circumstances, 2020 was not really a festive year. But to celebrate the anniversary of Vepo Cheese still a little bit, we have set up various initiatives.

For our employees

The party for our employees unfortunately could not take place this year. Therefore we celebrated the 100th year anniversary in a small setting at the beginning of November. There was a nice gift for everyone. We will celebrate the party at a later time!

Vepo Cheese anniversary magazine

100 years. A whole century. A period of time that is difficult to describe in a single page. To capture the special moments of the past 100 years, we have created an anniversary magazine; 100 years Vepo Cheese. It contains a collection of stories, anecdotes and memories that reflect how proud we are of the company. We look back at some of our achievements and successes, while we are also looking forward to developments in the future.

We have given the magazine as a gift to all our employees, customers, suppliers and relations. On Thursday December 3, we presented the magazine to Mrs. Inge van Nieuwenhuizen, deputy mayor of Bodegraven-Reeuwijk.

Cheese sticks sponsor campaign

As a family company we believe it is important to take good care of our people and environment. To honor our 100th year anniversary we wanted to mean something to our community.

Respect for our older generation and belief in the new generation is what drives us to continue our company. We contribute to this by ensuring that we run a great company and sell a healthy product, because: cheese is healthy for young and old!

We have written to all primary schools, sports clubs and nursing homes near our head office and offered them our corona proof cheese sticks. The promotion was received enthusiastically and many made use of our offer. The cheese sticks have been distributed to the school-age children, youth of sports clubs and the elderly.

We look forward to discovering new developments together with our employees, partners, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, and to continue our existing relationships. We could not have reached this fantastic milestone without them.