This cheese is named after the small town of Edam, which lies on the IJsselmeer lake, formerly an inland sea, the Zuiderzee. The town was once home to a large cheese market. Edam is a semi-hard, traditional Dutch cheese made from pasteurised cow’s milk. This world-famous cheese is deliciously mild and is generally eaten without aging.

Fat content
Fat in dry matter : min. 40%
Fat absolut : ca. 24%

In the Netherlands, labelling usually indicates the fat content in the dry matter: this remains the same as the cheese ages, while the absolute fat content increases because riper cheese contains less moisture.

Edam is famous as a small round cheese packed in red wax. For many years it has also been produced in blocks.

Product range of Vepo Cheese
We supply Edam in catering blocks, sliced, grated, diced, as salad cheese and in cheese portions.

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