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100 years
Vepo Cheese

2020 is a special year for Vepo Cheese and we can’t let that go unnoticed. To celebrate this milestone, special festivities are planned to take place throughout the year.

In addition, Vepo Cheese has started the new year with a brand-new corporate identity. On 9 January, we gave a festive presentation of our new logo and our new website. The corporate identity has been given a fresh, modern look that reflects our Vepo Values.

Vepo Cheese
The Dutch way to say cheese

When we say cheese, we mean (everything we care about) business: it is our passion and it motivates us to push the boundaries every day. For generations now, we have been working on growth and on improving how we cut, grate, portion and package hard and semi-hard cheeses. Our heritage is a family brand with a characteristic Dutch style. For the last 100 years, people have worked together to contribute to its development.

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