Quality, our top priority

Nothing is as important as ensuring the quality of our products, food safety and health are therefore central to our quality. Our production locations satisfy the highest quality demands as set in the Dutch Food Act and the HACCP- standards.

The COKZ (Dutch authority in the field of the control of dairy, eggs and poultry meat) is the organisation that controls our factories. Besides Vepo Cheese has several international recognized certifications amongst which the BRC (British Retail Consortium), the IFS (International Food Standard) and the Process Certification (Qlip). Our grated cheese is controlled by the Grated cheese seal, a joint initiative of Dutch cheese graters, controlled by the GEMZU.
We have extended our large diversity of cheese types with organic and Halal cheese. To pack these cheeses Vepo Cheese we have a SKAL certificate for organic cheese and a Halal certificate for Halal cheese.

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In our own professional laboratory we test raw materials and end products on several caracteristics, like dry matter, baking and melting properties etc. All other analysis are outsourced by an external official authorized laboratory.

European Union funding

Vepo Cheese is working on restructuring the internal quality service.
These changes have effects on all employees and the procedures of all departments within our company.
The European Social Fund of the European Union has promised Vepo Cheese for 2016, a grant for the project "Forward quality service."
Thanks to this grant we are enable to accomplish this project.


See below for an overview of our quality certifications;

Location Bodegraven (sliced cheese and portions) and location Oudewater (grating cheese)