When we say cheese we say new horizons When we say cheese we say new horizons

When we say cheese we say new horizons

Our story

When we say cheese, we mean everything we care about: it is our passion and it motivates us to push the boundaries every day. Both literally and figuratively. That’s the way we have always been. You could say we are typically Dutch – we have an enterprising spirit that is always looking for new opportunities and improvements. Because we come from a small country, efficiency is in our blood. What is more, we say what we think. We do that respectfully, paying attention to the culture of the people we work for. We believe wholeheartedly in what we do; we turn commitment into action.

For generations now, we have been working on growth and on improving how we cut, grate, portion and package hard and semi-hard cheeses.

We understand that the only way to achieve our goals is to listen closely to our clients and to work along with them. In this way, we strengthen our existing relationships and we can embark on new ones.

Our heritage is a family brand with a characteristic Dutch style. For the last 100 years, people have worked together to contribute to its development. Our cheese is all about entrepreneurship, sustainability and building relationships. This means that our experience works to our advantage. We turn commitment into action.

Vepo Cheese
The Dutch way to say cheese

Our mission

We are a family company which adds value by working together with its customers to find the best solution for slicing, grating, portioning and packaging (semi)hard cheese, which results in a nice final product. We produce high quality custom made products, which are cost-effective for both our customers and Vepo Cheese. Our focus is at our home market Europe and there where are suitable lucrative opportunities, worldwide! As a modern company we invest in sustainability and respect for people and environment. We invest in new techniques and develop with the market.

Our Vepo Values are leading in our thinking and doing.

Our vision (where are we heading for)

Vepo Cheese wants to reorganize its structure so we can continue to grow autonomously in slicing, grating, portioning and packaging (semi)hard cheese.

Elements vision

  • Specialist
  • Profitable
  • Flexible
  • Organic growth
  • Cheese
  • Efficiency
  • Attractive employer
  • Customer intimacy
  • Reorganize its structure