Mozzarella<br/> cheese slices Mozzarella<br/> cheese slices

cheese slices

Mozzarella<br/> cheese slices

Mozzarella is a so called “pasta-filata”- cheese and is originally made in Italy. We offer a Mozzarella made of pasteurized cow’s milk. This cheese is perfect to use as topping on pizzas and other oven dishes because of its melting properties.

Content packaging

500g - 1000g

Slice dimensions

5 x 10 cm
7,5 x 10 cm
10 x 10 cm

Fat content

F.i.d.m.: min. 40%
Fat absolut: ca. 21%


Pasteurized MILK, salt, starter, microbial rennet


Milk, lactose

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